Your Questions answered about  (Paintless Dent Removal/Repair.)

Q. How long will take to remove a dent from my car?
A. As all dents are different there is no set time, however most dents are usually repaired in around an hour.

Q. I’ve had the dent on my car for a while now, does this matter?
A. NO it doesn’t matter. As long as the paintwork is in good condition, most dents can be repaired.

Q. I’m thinking of selling my car but it has some dents, would PDR add value to it?
A. Yes it would. If you were buying a car that had dents, wouldn’t you try to get money off? Every car dealer has a “dent man” to help them get the best price for their cars, so why don’t you?

Q. I have dented my leased car and I don’t want to pay expensive penalty charges, Can you help?
A. Yes, of course. The lease company would only use the same process and add their surcharge on top. So why not beat them to it and give me a call to remove the dents before it goes back?

Q. Will the dent ever come back? 
A. No the dents don’t come back, not unless someone damages your car again.

Q. Won’t a local garage be able to carry out the dent repair?
A. PDR  is a very specialised job requiring extensive training and expensive tools. Most local garages will fill the dent and respray the full panel. This will be much more expensive  and now your car no longer has it’s original factory paintwork intact.

Q. If the paint is damaged, can you still repair the dent?
A. In most cases, the dent can still be repaired and the damaged paint can be touched in. However, if there is a large area of paint damage you would be better to take it to a body shop. Still not sure? Send me an email or text with a picture and we will let you know straight away if a repair can be done.

Q. If I have more than one car, is there a discount available? 
A. Yes, we offer a multi car discount.